It’s vital to know your rights

and establish practices that minimize threats to you and your livelihood when forming or maintaining a business. Todd Uzelac Law has extensive experience in the business field, ensuring your corporation receives the best advice at every step.

General Counsel

Todd Uzelac Law delivers a truly comprehensive and unique service to business owners and entrepreneurs. Our firm can act as your general counsel. We provide you with the legal assistance how, when, and where your business needs it. We offer legal advice on issues that arise in your business, including contract negotiations, drafting, review and much more. Todd Uzelac Law provides the services of inside counsel at a fraction of the cost. Clients turn to us for a wide range of legal needs, yet the true value of our services are best realized through consistent, pro-active consultation and support through a general counsel role.

  • Pro-active and Anticipatory Representation
  • Outsourced In-House Counsel
  • General Corporate Representation

Packages We Offer

Many businesses cannot afford to hire an attorney and try their best to take care of the legal work on their own. Todd Uzelac Law offers unique packages and pricing to provide effective legal assistance to businesses that never believed hiring an attorney was possible. Our packages include:

  • Corporate Counsel for a Day
    • The Corporate Counsel for a Day is an 8-hour program where we can assist you with working through forming a business to planning for business succession.
    • During the session we will help you handle steps in forming a business, picking the right entity, dealing with tax liabilities, drafting contracts and handbooks, and giving you the legal knowhow to help protect your personal assets. This package is great for startups, businesses looking to reform, and those needing help with specific liability issues.
  • Monthly Subscription Plan
    • There are no hidden fees. Our Monthly Subscription is not a retainer fee, nor is it an hourly rate, you simply pay the Monthly Subscription fee and receive access to our associates.
    • Todd Uzelac Law will work with you to customize a strategy to take care of your objectives and set a Monthly Subscription that fits best for your business.
    • Any unused hours will rollover to the next month.
    • If you end up needing more hours in a month than you had anticipated, you will be billed based on the number of hours your business uses above the Monthly Subscription fee.
  • Regular Hourly Fee Plan
    • Businesses in need an attorney for litigation or term-based projects should contact Todd Uzelac Law at (219) 682-0056 to set up a traditional hourly fee arrangement.
    • Our regular hourly rate may differ based on the attorney assigned to your project.

Corporate Start-Up and Governance

How you start a business can be crucial to your success. Selecting the right business entity can have long-lasting benefits and repercussions. Todd Uzelac Law will listen to your goals and get you started off on the right foot. We understand your business is unique and will gladly assist you with creating one of the following:

  • General Partnership Formation & Agreements
  • Limited Partnership Formation & Agreements
  • Limited Liability Partnership Formation & Agreements
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation
  • S-Corporation
  • Professional Corporation
  • Non-Profit Corporation (501(c)(3))

Buying a Business | Selling a Business | Exiting a Business

From acquiring an existing business or structuring a joint venture, to exiting a business through a sale, succession, or divestiture, Todd Uzelac Law can assist you with effectively navigating through any transition. A business sale or purchase can be complicated, we will draft the necessary contracts for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Give us a call today at (219) 682-0056 to have us take the headache out of one of the following transitions for you:

  • Buying an Existing Business
  • Selling an Existing Business
  • Exiting a Failing Business
  • Structuring a Joint Venture
  • Merging Existing Businesses

Contracts & Agreements

We know that a person’s word is their bond, however, it’s always better to get it in writing. We make sure that you are protected so that your wants and needs are met. Todd Uzelac Law offers the following contract services:

  • Customer Contracts
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Sale or Purchase of Goods
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Contract Negotiating
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review with Written Comments
  • Simple Asset Purchase Agreement

The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter.